Sana Serkebaeva & Phi Bui, iwantyoutowatch, 2022.

Mediation between

inside and outside.

Between night and

sleep. Between eye and

the screen. Between

attention and


The work was created during UK lockdown in collaboration with California-based composer Phi Bui. We tried to document the state of being collectively isolated. In preparation for the project, we talked (emailed each other) about sound weapons and noise pollution which allude to connection between attention and distraction.

What role does art play in times of overabundance of information? Is it just escape and distraction? Or could it be something else? The audio track ‘quiet haze’ was recorded with one synth straight to the cassette tape during Californian wildfires. The video part captures lights, glares and shadows from the elements of my home interior and some views from the window.


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The Author

Sana Serkebaeva

Sana Serkebaeva

Sana Serkebaeva is an artist and filmmaker born in Almaty, Kazakhstan currently based in London. Her practice queries ideas of storytelling, memories and language.

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