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The Posthumanist is a magazine for more-than-human art, design, technology and writing.

The Posthumanist features art, design, technology and writing from more-than-human perspectives, inviting readers to imagine what living together on planet Earth could be, in English and German. The magazine was founded by Anna Nagele in 2022. The idea for the publication emerged from a desire to discuss concepts and expressions of critical posthumanism and feminist new materialism in public contexts.

The print edition is published twice a year which is available to order here and via our selected stockists. Our website offers additional content free of charge, it is a complimentary extension of the print-magazine to share what can’t be presented in print.

The team around The Posthumanist is a culturally and intellectually diverse team.

Anna Nolda Nagele

Frank Wasser

Anna Nolda Nagele, Katharina Pacher, Isabella Blatter & Anna Ruhdorfer

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Frank Wasser, Katharina Pacher, Anna Teckentrup, Tanya Geggie & Tim Cowlishaw

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Identity Lab, Philip Reitsperger

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Dasha Lugovkin

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