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by Lucia Pietroiusti

Care / Ecology / Entanglement / Futures

The Planet and its Messiness

An interview with Lucia Pietroiusti, a curator working at the intersection of art, ecology and systems. Pietroiusti repeatedly stages the natural world as an agent alongside human-made artefacts and people’s lives


by Eryk Salvaggio

Data / Ecology / Entanglement / Futures

The Emergent Sound of Worlding: On listening to mushrooms

Mushrooms are entangling agents. Mycorrhizal fungi intertwine themselves with plant roots, creating symbiotic relationships. The artist and researcher Eryk Salvaggio entered into symbiosis with Oyster mushrooms by extending their entanglement with cables, translating the mushrooms’...


by Lizzie Wilson

Data / Entanglement / Futures

spin stitch sound “kick”

Each of these lines following this introduction is a single pattern of code using TidalCycles – a language used for live coding, where artist-programmers create time-based art (e.g. music, visuals, choreography) by writing computer code,...


by Sana Serkebaeva

Care / Entanglement


The work was created during UK lockdown in collaboration with California-based composer Phi Bui. We tried to document the state of being ‘collectively isolated’


by Michael Grandner

Care / Data / Entanglement / Futures

Interview with Michael Grandner by Anna Nagele

An interview with the clinical psychologist and Director of the Sleep and Heath Research Program at the University of Arizona.